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Kateřina Močáryová

In my professional career, I develop marketing, employer branding, communication and an overall marketing strategy that helps build a brand. My specializations are HR marketing and employer branding. I create creative campaigns that have an idea and results. I am currently working in these areas in an industrial environment. I also enjoy working with graphics, I have dozens of branded videos and TV spots, I can’t do without social networks every day and I have an overlap with UX / UI or web design. What fulfills me the most?

Marketing campaigns
Strategic planning

What exactly am I doing?


I enjoy creating successful campaigns. The last time it was the SEVENTY project, which aimed to get 70 candidates for production in the shortest possible time. You can find more about the project on the website: www.sedmdesat.cz

Creative work

It fills me to create unique marketing solutions. From graphics, video creation, web design to original communication and PR.


I am currently building better communication and PR. I consider it important to communicate fundamental decisions and ordinary messages in an authentic but professional way. Even with the use of technological innovations.

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